Which Super Bowl XL II car commercial gets MVP?

Which Super Bowl commercial takes the win?

We were really excited to see the Audi R8 Super Bowl ad but were left completely unsatisfied when it was over. Other car commercials, however, made us laugh while others made us scratch our heads and wonder: why? Now it’s your turn to let us know which was your favorite. Based on your votes, we’ll announce a winner on Friday.

Click through to check out all the automotive related Super Bowl commercials and then vote for your favorite in the comments section below.

First Quarter:

Audi’s ‘Old Luxury just got put on notice’:


Bridgestone ‘Scream’:


Second Quarter:

Cars.com Glondoor Stone Circle:


Iron Man:


The All-New 2009 Toyota Corolla:




GMC Yukon Hybrid:


Third Quarter:

Cars.com Witch Doctor:


Bridgestone ‘Unexpected Obstacles’:


Hyundai Genesis takes shot at Mercedes-Benz:


Fourth Quarter:

2009 Toyota Sequoia:


Hyundai Genesis takes shot at BMW:



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