GM considers Chevy diesels & minicars for the U.S.

CAFE 35 has inspired all manufacturers to start bringing out the big guns. In GM’s case, the biggest weapon could be their smallest car. GM is considering bringing us a minicar that would be cheaper and smaller than the Aveo.

GM has previewed to the world, their Beat minicar and if Smart Minicars sell well, could seize the opportunity and sell the Beat stateside. Ed Peper, says the words we’ve been waiting to hear, “We’re going to have an opportunity to see a lot of things around the world that could very well work nicely in our portfolio here.”

Another avenue of opportunity could come in the form of diesels, which have become a hotly popular solution to fuel economy among Honda/Acura, VW/Audi, Mercedes & BMW. GM has diesel solutions in place in Europe, including a 2.9 liter turbo diesel used in the CTS, and an array of four cylinders used in the Astra from 1.3 to 1.9 liters and from 90 to 150 hp.

Ed Peper adds, “We’re not going to rule out anything.” Might just be a small world after all.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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