Volvo guilty of manslaughter – fined $296k

Volvo guilty of manslaughter - fined $296k

Volvo has been found guilty of manslaughter after a court ruled the faulty brakes were to blame for a car accident in France. Catherine Kohtz lost control while driving her Volvo 850 TDI vehicle and killed two children in 1999.

While Volvo was fined 200,000 euros ($296,950), Kohtz received a six-month suspended jail term, a 300 euro fine and her license was suspended for a year. 

Volvo denied the car was faulty. “This is a tragic incident for everyone involved,” a company spokesman said. “There was no problem with the brakes.”

Volvo’s said that the accident was the result of a mechanical defect and will try to appeal the ruling.


Source: WindingRoad
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