Volvo and Ford get cozier: may team up on platforms, assembly

While analysts sit on the edge of their seats on speculation that Ford may drop Volvo next, Volvo and Ford are talking of closer relationships, making it possible to build the Swedish cars in Ford’s U.S. plant.

Currently, Volvo shares most of its components and architectures with Ford of Europe, Land Rover and Jaguar. But with the Jaguar and Land Rover sale announcement coming soon, Volvo may look to Ford’s North American supplies facilities.

“If we are sharing components and platforms, then we don’t need a huge site of our own,” said CEO Fredrik Arp in an interview with Automotive News. “But if we have our own components and platforms or share with Ford of Europe, then we have to go it alone.”

Arp said that Mulally’s “One Ford” global plan creates many opportunities for Volvo.”…if One Ford means sharing North American and European platforms, and we had the opportunity, we could move into a North American plant.”


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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