Mercedes will not offer an AMG version of the GLK

Mercedes will not make a AMG version of the GLK

Mercedes’ high-performance tuning AMG division will not be producing a monster version of the upcoming GLK. According to Volker Mornhinweg, two SUV’s are sufficient enough to receive the AMG badging.

“There is no space for a third SUV” Mornhinweg said in an interview with Autotelegraaf.  “We are now simply going to offer the AMG-program to sedans, cabrios, roadsters and the two SUVs (ML, GL).”

Seems kind of unfair to us since even the boring R-Class received an AMG variant.

At the 2008 Detroit Auto Show, Mercedes showed two Vision GLK studies powered by a brand new generation of diesel engines. The four-cylinder 2.2L is capable of producing an output 165hp while cutting down fuel consumption and emission figures.


Source: Autotelegraaf

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