Take ‘complete’ control of your car with your iPhone

Take complete control of your car with your iPhone

Most remotes these days lock and unlock cars, pop-open the trunk and even let you start your car from a couple of feet away. Well Delphi’s new Wireless Vehicle Access software, which can be programmed onto an iPhone, controls almost every imaginable vehicle function. While it’s only a concept that was shown at this year’s CES, the software shows what an iPhone or Blackberry would let you do with your car.

The project came about when Delphi was working on smart key fobs that displayed an image on the fob showing if the car is locked or unlocked or which door is ajar. Well, that led Delphi engineers to wonder what else they could do to expand the functionality of their smart key fob. With a little messing around, Delphi linked the key fob to an iPhone through Bluetooth technology, and the key fob to the car, allowing dozens of features and functions.

Delphi’s Wireless Vehicles Access allows you to locate your car, report its status and allow you to perform functions, even if you’re a mile away from the parking garage. The technology allows you to do things such as lock and unlock your car, start your engine, adjust climate control according to your specifications, roll down the windows or see if someone has broken into your car. Other boring features allow you to check the oil level, fuel level, tire pressure all from your iPhone or Blackberry.

Even though the Wireless Vehicles Access is currently a concept, Delphi says that it could become a real product with very little development work.


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Source: PCMagazine

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