NBC bringing Top Gear to the US with a new cast

NBC bringing Top Gear to the US with a new cast

NBC has reportedly ordered a pilot for an all American version of our favorite TV show, Top Gear. Honestly as awesome as that sounds, we’re really disappointed that the show will consist of a completely new cast. However the producers are saying that it will still feature “the irreverent spirit of Top Gear.”

Networks like NBC has been looking for non-scripted content since the Writers Guild of America is still on strike. The move has helped bring shows on like The Biggest Loser 5, Celebrity Apprentice, and now the U.S. version of Top Gear.

“Top Gear is a proven international hit which fits perfectly into NBC’s lineup of programming with male appeal, including Sunday Night Football and American Gladiators,” said Ben Silverman, NBC co-chairman.

The UK version of Top Gear currently airs on BBC America. We think we’ll still stick to the UK version. Hmm, we wonder who the American Stig will be?


Source: Inside Line

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