Infiniti’s got a Q for you… or not

Nissan Motor Co. hasn’t quite figured out if there will even be a replacement at all for the Q. CEO Carlos Ghosn apparently isn’t convinced it’s absolutely necessary. NA Infiniti division Vice-President Mark Igo is routing for it, he says, “I’m convinced it will make the brand better.” 

Infiniti dealers from Korea, Russia, US and China were brought together to view powertrains and options for the. Dealers from the different countries don’t all have the same opinions for what to get with the Q, which will require that they find common ground as this will be a low volume car.


Igo feels that Ghosn is starting to come around, but adds, “But we have to show that we will make money on it. That is how this company works. We can’t just go in and say we need an expensive car.”

We have to agree with our buddy Mark, it’s a must. I don’t recall Lexus going back and forth deciding whether the LS is worth replacing. Infiniti’s on it’s way to the big leagues, but the lack of a LS, 7-series, A8 and S-class competitor will inhibit their progress. Go get ’em, Mark!


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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