Chrysler may discontinue the Dodge Viper

Just last month we told you that Chrysler has begun an emergency overhaul of its new mid-sized sedans, the much-criticized Chrysler Sebring and Dodge Avenger. Sources have now told Inside Line that Chrysler is even moving around resources away from other models to fix the Sebring, Sebring Convertible and the Avenger.

Sadly enough, since new owner Cerberus is accounting for every penny spent, word is that the future of the Dodge Viper seems a bit foggy. Sources say that Chrysler is prepared to “make an instantaneous decision” to discontinue the Viper, especially if it “no longer can deliver the desired halo effect.”

A major update to the Chrysler 300 sedan is in the works for the 2011 model year.


Source: Inside Line 

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