Spy Video: BMW’s PAS caught testing in Munich

Spy Video: BMW's PAV caught testing in Munich

With the launch of the 1-Series coupe/convertible, the M3 coupe/sedan and the X6 all scheduled for this year, BMW sure has its work cut out for 2008. However, BMW isn’t stopping there. The auto maker is now working on branching into a totally new segment, giving its lineup more than just passenger cars and SUVs.

Work is under way on the company’s first stab at an MPV-ish vehicle, or better known as Progressive Activity Sedan (PAS) by BMW. The BMW PAS is expected to be powered by a choice of four, six and eight-cylinder gasoline and turbodiesel engines, available in rear-wheel-drive only.

According to AutoCar the car may carry the badge ‘V5’ when it hits roads in late 2009 in the UK. U.S. will get its version sometime in 2010. Expect a concept version of the PAS at the 2008 Frankfurt Motor Show.

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Source: AutoCar

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