Fiat 500 to launch in UK with flight on the London Eye

Fiat 500 London Eye

Fiat will be launching its new Fiat 500 in the UK with a flight in one of the capsules on the British Airways London Eye. The new Fiat 500, which has recently been voted Car of the Year 2008, will take off on Monday, January 21 at 8:00pm ““ exactly 500 hours into the New Year.

At the launch, Fiat has prepared a huge celebrity event that will feature live bands, top presenters, and a light show.

FIAT UK Marketing Director, Elena Bernardelli, says: “It will be a great event, and we at Fiat are committed to making the country smile for the night.”

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Fiat 500 London Eye Gallery:

Fiat 500 London Eye  Fiat 500 London Eye  Fiat 500 London Eye


Source: Fiat (via AutoMotoPortal)

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