GM cancels V8 program for its luxury cars

GM cancels V8 program for its luxury cars

GM said today that it has canceled plans to build a new advanced double overhead-cam V8 engine for its luxury cars. GM said a year ago that it would be investing $300 million in its Tonawanda, N.Y., engine plant for a new V8 engine. The engine was scheduled to start production in 2009 and was to be used in GM’s luxury cars.

GM’s powertrain spokesman said that the project is now completely dead, making the future of V8 Cadillacs unclear. The new V8 engine was expected to replace Cadillac”s Northstar V8 which will end production in 2010.

Besides for the XLR, Cadillac is now expected to switch to a high-powered V6 engine.

Cadillac spokesman Kevin Smith said, “We”ve really seen the V6 become the predominant engine in sales on the (2008) STS because it”s so close in power to the V8.” He also said that the V6 unit is about 150 to 200 pounds lighter than the V8.

Oh the effects of the CAFE 35. More depressing news like this is expected to come in the following months.


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