Merry Christmas: Dinan gives the BMW M5 and M6 628 horsepower

Merry Christmas: Dinan gives the BMW M5 and M6 628 horsepower

After offering a whopping 384 horsepower upgrade for the 335i, Dinan has revealed their latest performance modifications for the BMW M5’s and M6’s 5.7 liter V10 engine. The M5 and M6 already produce a whopping 500 horsepower, but imagine the amount of acceleration an additional 128 horsepower can provide.

By adding High Flow Throttle Bodies, Free Flow Mufflers and a racing middle exhaust, Dinan gives the M5 and M6 a total of 628 horsepower with 482 lb-ft torque. Dinan doesn’t provide any 0-60 times but we’re sure they are well in the low 4.0 second range.

Of course this extra power will cost you around $40,000, with which you can probably pick up an extra 335i coupe.

Click through for the press release.

Press Release:

For those seeking the ultimate high performance driving experience, Dinan has once again redefined M5 and M6 performance with a bored and stroked 5.7 liter version of BMW”s V-10 engine. The engine produces over 600 horsepower along with stump-pulling torque that exceeds 400 lb-ft from just 3000 rpm right to the rev-limit at 8100 rpm. As incredible as BMW”s V-10 is in stock form, just imagine the acceleration that results from an additional 141 horsepower and 128 lb-ft torque @ 5800 rpm! Equally impressive is the fact that all of this performance is available without sacrificing BMW-like drivability or the peace of mind that comes from matching new car warranty coverage for up to 4 years or 50,000 miles.

Dinan”s 29 years of BMW tuning and racing experience ensure that the engines will not only perform but also provide years of trouble free driving excitement. Much of the technology that has made Dinan”s Grand-Am Daytona Prototype engines both competitive and reliable has carried over to the 5.7 Liter V-10 engine program for the street, ensuring that the engines produce incredible power along with race-proven durability. Each engine is dyno-tested prior to shipment, verifying power output in the same rigorous manner employed for the Daytona Prototype racing engines.

The engine is supplied as an assembled long-block, fully prepared to directly replace the stock engine without modification. High Flow Intake/Air Mass Meter Assemblies are required in order to supply the larger engine with adequate airflow for maximum power gains. Maximum performance is achieved when the engine is equipped with the High Flow Throttle Bodies, Free Flow Mufflers and racing middle exhaust, producing an incredible 628 hp @ 7400 rpm and 482 lb-ft torque @ 6200 rpm. For those seeking ultimate performance from their M5 or M6, without sacrificing civility, reliability or warranty coverage, the Dinan 5.7 Liter V-10 is the definitive solution.

Features and Specifications

Bore: 93mm / Stroke: 83mm
Compression Ratio: 12.0:1
Dinan proprietary forged crankshaft
Dinan proprietary lightweight forged pistons
Dinan proprietary light-weight connecting rods
Balanced and blueprinted
Dinan electronics and engine management software
Dinan serial numbered block

Dyno results*:
· Horsepower: 628 @ 7400 rpm
· Maximum HP Gain: 141 @ 5800 rpm
· Torque: 482 lb-ft @ 6200 rpm
· Maximum Torque Gain: 128 lb-ft @ 5800 rpm


Source: Dinan (via AutoBlog)

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