Lexus eases up on certified standards for used cars

In an effort to meet the rising demand for used vehicles, Lexus is allowing dealers to relax their standards of certifications by 10,000 miles. However, Lexus executives insist that the change will still maintain the quality of the luxury-brands car and trucks.

Beginning next month, a used Lexus with as many as 70,000 miles will be eligible for certification. That is up from the current limit of 60,000 miles. Also under the new standards, eligible vehicles can be as old as seven model years, up from the current six years.

Lexus says that the new standards are in line with those of other rival luxury-brand certified programs.

Matt Kaleba, manager of Lexus’ national certified used-vehicle program, says that the new standards will boost by about 7 percent the supply of Lexus vehicles available for certification.

“Dealers are doing the best they can to use every available source to find inventory,” Kaleba told Automotive News. “By giving them more time and mileage, they’ll be able to find more vehicles to bring into the program.”


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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