Merecdes planning smaller SUV than GLK – will go at it alone on next A-Class

Merecdes to go alone on next A-Class, smaller SUV below GLK in the works

It’s been long reported that Mercedes is teaming up with rival BMW on a radical revamping of its next-generation A-Class and B-Class. Latest reports even suggested that Daimler may even be looking to Fiat for some help. Well now, CEO Dieter Zetsche is saying that Mercedes-Benz has rejected the idea of teaming up with anyone to build their next small-car.

“In certain model lines we have certain themes and principles closely networked. We would have been forced to throw them overboard had we shared a platform with another carmaker.” Zetsche said.

He also suggested that the new platform will fit “below the C-Class with front-wheel drive and high-mounted transverse-sited engines.” That platform will spawn at least three new vehicles.

The first car on the platform will be the next-generation A-Class that has been long rumored to become a three-door car that will go head-to-head with the BMW 1-Series. A convertible version of the car is expected to follow after its debut. The B-Class, which will also built on that platform, is expected to grow in size close to that of a Volkswagen Touran.

According to Inside Line, there is also talk of another third small-car for the new platform. Rumors suggest that there will be another SUV that will fit under the upcoming GLK and will compete with the BMW X1.


Source: InsideLine

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