G-POWER gives BMW M5 730hp – shooting for 800hp

G-POWER BMW M5 Hurricane

If you’re sitting there waiting for BMW to take a stab at the Audi RS6 which produces 580 horsepower, you’ll have to wait for the 600 horsepower M5 with twin-turbo that spies have been spotting around Munich. Or you can just let G-POWER fulfill your dreams now with their latest BMW M5 Hurricane that produces 730 horsepower.

G-POWER is currently hanging out at the Nardo track in Italy testing the M5 Hurricane. According to G-POWER engineers, so far the car has reached a top speed of 200mph due to a fault in the electrical components. They say that the M5 Hurricane is able of reaching a top speed of 217mph.

G-POWER is planning on increasing horsepower to at least 800, cutting down the 0-60 time of 4.5 seconds of the standard M5 into the low 3 second range.

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G-POWER BMW M5 Hurricane Gallery:

G-POWER BMW M5 Hurricane  G-POWER BMW M5 Hurricane  G-POWER BMW M5 Hurricane  

G-POWER BMW M5 Hurricane  G-POWER BMW M5 Hurricane  G-POWER BMW M5 Hurricane  G-POWER BMW M5 Hurricane  G-POWER BMW M5 Hurricane  G-POWER BMW M5 Hurricane  G-POWER BMW M5 Hurricane  


Press Release:

19.12.2007 G-POWER M5 Hurricane

The fastest and most powerful Straßen-BMW the World

The fastest and most powerful straßenzugelassene BMW sedan in the world comes from G-POWER. The 340 km / h fast G-POWER HURRICANE is based on the current BMW M5 built. The heart of the high-performance sedan, the 730 hp / 537.2 kW Fünfliter-V10 with G-POWER EVO II compressor system.

In order for the standard 507 hp / 373 kW high-speed engine, the desired performance of 223 hp / 164 kW to achieve developed G-POWER in cooperation with ASA Automotive charging a high-tech system: Pro-cylinder series, a riemengetriebener ASA T1-12 compressor, total two, can be used. Compared to conventional mechanical loaders, for its own drive a large part of the developed More power to destroy themselves again, the ASA compressors running an efficiency of up to 80 percent.

In addition besitzten such a compact size, allowing only the Mögchkeit, two compressors in the tight engine compartment of the M5 accommodate. With a realistic flow rate of up to 1,200 kg / h per cylinder bank, the Kompressorer even for an even greater increase in performance. The maximum boost pressure is in this concept to 0.5 bar rel. Limited.

The vorverdichtete charge air is caused by the zweiflutige, highly efficient, water-cooled intercooler system, which is mounted above the engine is cooled. This measure not only optimizes the performance of yield, but it together with a larger water-cooled Ölkühlerdruckspeicher for a healthy thermals of the engine. Extravagantly developed maps for engine electronic control gear and SMG agree the new components perfectly.

The inner life of the ten-cylinder four-valve engine is light, precisely balanced, high-performance piston forging technology partner MAHLE on even more turning trimmed. This made the supercharged V10 its maximum power output of 730 hp / 537 kW, in accordance with the principle of equality of power from 7,500 to 8,000 rpm. Thanks to the high efficiency of the two, to over 100,000 1/min spinning, compressors increases the torque curve early, and already exceeds at 3,800 rpm the standard maximum value (Series 520 Nm at 6.0001/min), and reaches its maximum of 700 Nm at 7,200 1/min.

This will benefit the acceleration values. With 4.2 seconds sprinting the roughly two-ton sedan 0.5 seconds faster than the standard car from 0-100 km / h. With about 10 seconds to pace 200 is increasing its advantage to 5.0 seconds. The 300 km / h sound wall falls after less than 29.5 seconds. The maximum speed of the G-POWER HURRICANE, in contrast to serial car electronically on 250 km / h, but in conjunction with the additional chilled G-POWER Sperrdifferenzial at 340 km / h extended.

The enormous performance are of course extreme demands on aerodynamics, tires, suspension and brakes.

The G-POWER front apron, on request, particularly in light carbon-finish, replaces the series and provides complete part by large air inlets for optimal supply of fresh air coolers and front brakes. At the same time minimizing the spoiler in the high-speed lift at the front axle.

The G-POWER Side ensure a windschlüpfrigen transition between the wheel arches and let the M5 optically deep and stretched. The lift at the rear axle, the spoiler lip for the trunk lid and rear carbon-diffuser for the G-POWER rear apron reduced.

One advantage of driving dynamics and exclusive optics are the benefits of G-POWER Silverstone 21 inch light alloy wheels, fenders, the perfect form. The deep bed rims with brilliant-graphit-beschichteten interior parts for outdoor bed, and spoke and glanzgedrehten forehead surfaces are in the combination 9.5 Jx 21 with 255/30 ZR 21 tires front and 10.5 Jx 21 with 295/25 ZR 21 tires on the rear axle mounted. The hochgeschwindigkeitsfeste tires controls technology partners Dunlop.

This is the place for the G-POWER high-performance brake system with Sechskolbenfestsätteln and 400 x 36 mm discs on the front axle. Alternatively offers G-POWER an upgrade package for the M5 series brake with Hochleistungsbremsbelägen and brake fluid.

The handling of the M5 is the adjustable G-POWER thread sports suspension RS, each nine in the tensile and compression can be adjusted, yet sporty.

For the appreciation of the cockpit offers G-POWER sporting components-carbon flashbacks to the ergonomically shaped sport steering wheel type NARDO EDITION in perforated, especially griffsympathischen G-POWER Kjerba-Nappaleder.

The G-POWER HURRICANE is available as a complete car. Alternatively, any M5 – whether or touring sedan with the G-POWER Bi-Kompressorsystem, including the necessary modifications to the chassis, brakes and wheels will be offered, and the widely diversified G-POWER tuning accessories – range upgraded.


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Source: G-Power

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