Volvo talks back: XC90 will live on

Volvo talks back: XC90 will live on

Just yesterday we brought you a report from Auto Motor Sport that the next-generation XC90 has been canceled due to the cost of development in making it more fuel-efficient. Today Volvo spoke out against the report with brief statement saying that the XC90 facelift is in the works and that the next-generation XC90 has not been canceled.

Stressing the fact that Ford does not decide which Volvo models will be built, Volvo said that they are free to pursue with planning of new models as they see fit. While it is not confirmed as of yet, the next-generation Volvo XC90 will use a Ford platform.

Even though Volvo lose a life-cycle or two with the next-generation XC90, the Swedish company feels that it is important having a more competitive model in the SUV segment, especially since the XC90 is Volvo’s pride and joy.


Source: Auto Motor Sport (via WorldCarFans)

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