Lutz: ‘Read my lips – I am not thinking retirement’

One of, or probably the only, personality we like seeing at auto shows is the wonderful vice chairman of GM, Bob Lutz. However a report was released yesterday by the Associated Press suggesting that the 75 year old product chief may be considering retirement after the Chevrolet Volt debuts in 2010.

We were deeply saddened by the news when we first heard it, but are now relieved after Lutz wrote an e-mail to Automotive News saying that he is not going anywhere.

“Read my lips: I am not thinking retirement,” wrote Lutz in an e-mail to Automotive News this afternoon. “The job is better than ever, and so is GM!!!!”

“I serve at the pleasure of the GM Board of Directors,” Lutz said in the e-mail. “I am fully engaged with my job as head of global product development. The board, and {CEO} Rick Wagoner, and my health willing, I plan to work at least several more years. Yesterday, at the questioning of an AP journalist, I said my choice for a retirement date would be “˜not before the Volt goes into production.”


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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