Toyota becoming top selling auto brand in the U.S.

With all the back and forth for the top selling spot between GM & Toyota for global sales, monthly sales in the US, etc., it appears another spot has opened for contention. The top selling auto brand title usually sees a tug-o-war between Chevrolet and Ford brand sales that has in recent times, errupted in controversy with both brands claiming the top spot. Well don’t be surprised if that controversy continues, but with a third contender in the ring.

Toyota’s market share for the first 11 monthes of the year totaled 14.2%, up 0.8% from the same period 2006.  Chevrolet dropped from 14.6% last year to 14% even this year.  Ford dropped from 14.7% last year to 13% even this year.

Part of this year’s controversy, no doubt will be whether the Scion brand’s sales can fairly be combined with Toyota brand’s sales.  So let the games begin!  Or well… actually, end since we’re already in December.


Source: Trading Markets

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