VW to produce Up! and next Phaeton in India

VW to produce Up! and next Phaeton in India

While some U.S. Jaguar dealers are expressing discomfort of an Indian company taking over the luxury brand since it my portray a “Third World Country” image, Volkswagen has just revealed that it will be producing its luxury Phaeton and Volkswagen Up! in India.

Volkswagen just launched itself in November in the market with the Passat and is really serious about their future plans in India. The German car maker will not only produce the next Phaeton and Up! in India, but a slew of other models including the six-generation Polo. The company hopes to produces as many as 240,000 units a year in the market by 2012.

According to sources, Volkswagen has also been talking to Indian companies including Bajaj to help produce the Up! for the Indian market. Pricing is expected to be set under $7,500.

The next Jetta is also expected to hit India sometimes in 2009.


Source: InsideLine

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