Dinan offers ECU upgrade for BMW 335i …a 384hp upgrade that is

Dinan offers ECU upgrade for BMW 335i ...384hp upgrade that is

So you want to more out of your 300 horsepower BMW 335i so you can be the hottest thing in town? Well let Dinan help you out for $1,999. Tuner Dinan is offering an ECU upgrade for the BMW 335i that gives it a big horsepower increase and extra torque that will have you pushing your car to the limit.

Dinan’s ECU upgrade gives the 335i an upgrade of 84 horsepower giving you a total 384 horsepower and pumps up torque to a whopping 421 lb-ft of torque at 4,300 rpm.

Of course you’ll have to cash out close to $2,000 for the extra power, but it’s definitely worth it when you beat that G37 at a red light.


Source: e90post (via AutoBlog)

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