Audi’s product launch schedule for 5-years leaked in magazine

After the 2008 product launch was published ‘accidently’ on Audi’s website, you’d think Audi would be a little careful and be overprotective about the rest of their plans. But no, not at all. A publication called Quattro Quarterly has printed another alleged Audi document that lays out the company’s launch schedule for the next 5-years.

Anything interesting on the list? Well we already know of the Q5 and according to the document, that will hit roads in July 2008 followed by the even smaller Q3 in July 2009. The Audi TT-S will come in a month after the Q5 in August while the Audi R8-V10 will hit markets in September of 2008. The A5 Convertible hits January of 2009 followed by the Audi R8 convertible which will debut in March of 2009. Aud A7 comes in June 2009 and A1 hits markets in December of 2009.

Click through for more details and the image showing all the model launches up until 2012.

Of course the models mentioned above are in one way or another already confirmed by Audi. Other models on the list that jump out are the long rumored Audi R4, A7 Cabriolet, Q5 Hybrid, A1 Cabriolet, and a facelift for the A4 due out in 2012.


Audi’s Product Rollout Schedule for 5-Years (Clich tumbnail to enlarge).

Audi's product launch schedule for 5-years leaked  


Source: AutoBlog

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