Clarkson launches attack against teenage thug

Top Gears Jeremy Clarkson was a part of a police investigation after a little showdown with hooded teenagers who allegedly tried to ruin Clarkson’s daughter’s birthday party. At first Clarkson thought the group of teenagers were fans of Top Gear, but when they asked whether Clarkson had security with him, Clarkson started walking away.

The gang then started following him shouting taunts after which Clarkson turned and grabbed ‘ringleader’ by his hood, only to find out he was being filmed on a mobile camera phone. Clarkson’s daughter then called the police who arrived at the scene a few minutes later.

Officers later visited the Clarkson home in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, that evening but Clarkson said he did not want file a complaint or give a statement.

He wrote: “Plainly this boy’s parents are useless, allowing him to be out and about on the streets, harassing passers by.”

“Think about it. Every time one of these children is found stabbed or shot, his mum and stepdad always tell the papers he was “a good lad”, and he “didn’t deserve to die”. Nobody ever says: “Well, if he was such a frigging angel, what was he doing on a derelict building site at four in the morning, you halfwits?”

And that’s why we love this bloke! He speaks the truth!


Source: The Daily Mail (via Jalopnik)

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