Toyota Prius named ‘Most Satisfying’ of any vehicle

Consumer Reports’ Annual Car Owner Satisfaction Survey has named the Toyota Prius as the most satisfying of any vehicle as a result of 92 percent of Prius owners saying they would “definitely buy one again.” Of course our wonderful domestic cars took a beating in the survey.

American cars accounted for 20 of the 22 cars in the “lest satisfying” lineup. Those who were in the loser spotlight included the GM minivan trio including the Buick Terraza, Chevrolet Uplander and Saturn Relay. Only 34 percent of the buyers that responded said they would definitely buy or lease one again.

However it wasn’t all that bad for domestic cars. The report said that the domestic models “gained ground in the family-car category.” The Ford Fusion and the Saturn Aura made it to the top four of the most satisfying family cars, coming in behind the Toyota Prius and Toyota Camry Hybrid.

Also, it seems Hyundai is finally making impression on the U.S. market. For the first time ever, two Hyundai models including the Azera and the Santa Fe made their way onto the Most Satisfying list.


Source: InsideLine

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