To hybrid or not to hybrid: Ferrari’s director general: ‘A hybrid Ferrari will come’

To hybrid or not to hybrid: Ferrari's director general: 'A hybrid Ferrari will come'

When Ferrari revealed the FXX Millechili Concept, many said that the concept echoed Ferrari’s green future. Some even said a hybrid based on the FXX Millechili was in the works. Then other stories muttered Ferrari won’t be going the hybrid route since it would compromise the performance of the Italian stallion.

Well now, according to Ferrari’s Director General, Amedeo Felisa, Ferrari will indeed produce a hybrid. In a recent interview with Auto Motor and Sport, Felisa said that “A hybrid solution will come. We see the hybrid but also dynamic aspects. Besides which: From now on, every new model is more economical than its predecessor.”

Concerning diesels, Felisa said “diesel models achieve extraordinary performance. But their power-to-weight is bad. We will achieve our consumption targets without diesel.”

There you have it folks. We’re just wondering if the fuel-economy of the hybrid will be as pointless as the Cadillac Escalade Hybrid.


Source: Auto Motor und Sport (via AutoblogGreen)

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