Inside Line throws Nissan GT-R party

Inside Line throws Nissan GT-R party

The folks over at Inside Line threw a Skyline enthusiasts party prior to the 2008 Nissan GT-R launch at the 2007 LA Auto Show. Attendees came, showed off their rides, saw the new Nissan GT-R, got to sit inside, take pictures and eat pizza. Sounds like a lot of fun to us even if the pizza wasn”t there.

Paul Hawson, Nissan”s product planner, agreed to bring two GT-Rs to the event, one red and one silver, giving enthusiasts a chance to experience the car in ways they wouldn”t be able to at the LA Auto Show.

The whole event was put together 3 days before showtime. Inside Line put up the time and place on some forums and invited everyone to join them. Surprisingly, the crowd came in packs. Over 200 Nissan GT-R enthusiasts showed up to experience the GT-R hands-on.

Guys, let us know next time. We”d be happy to join you.


Source: Straightline

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