Hughes Telematics to develop Chrysler’s OnStar rival

Hughes Telematics to develop Chrysler's OnStar rival

GM highly touts OnStar, it’s proprietary telematic system that provides a variety of services, from directions to vehicle diagnosis to calling for help after an accident. Soon, it will have competition with a new system being developed by Hughes Telematics for Chrysler and Mercedes vehicles. 

It will be like a next-generation OnStar system promises Hughes Telematics president Erik Goldman saying, “We will offer all the services OnStar currently offers but will also be more convenience and infotainment oriented.” 

The new system will have voice control of iPods, cell phones and even a feature to track the car’s movement and speed, perfect for overprotective parents everywhere. Pricing will be similar to OnStar’s monthly service fees, around $19 to $29. 

We’re still waiting for a videoconference feature so we can telecommute while physically commuting since there’ll be traffic everywhere with people playing with their iPods, computers and tracking their childrens’ movements while driving. 


Source: Inside Line

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