MINI COUPEr: BMW working on a MINI Coupe variant?

MINI COUPEr: BMW working on a MINI Coupe variant?

So now that MINI has released the MINI Clubman, we have a wagon MINI, a regular MINI and a convertible MINI. But now, based on what sources are telling Motoring File, it seems like BMW is already working on the next MINI variant; and it could be a little surprising as to what it might be.

While we thought that BMW may move the Isetta that we heard of recently to the MINI lineup, sources say that MINI’s next variant may be a coupe. When a ‘high-level source’ at MINI was asked what’s next for the company, he answered: “What if MINI instead produced a low-slung and sleek small coupe not unlike the ACV 30 concept car from 1997?”

The ACV 30 (pictured above) was based off of a concept, designed by the current BMW head of design Adrian Van Hooydonk, and was proposed as the new MINI in the 90s.

Motoring File sources say that the idea is at least on the table and is being considered. How MINI can a MINI get? Seriously.


Source: MotoringFile

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