Audi’s 2008 internal product launch document leaked

Update: Thanks to a tip from our friends at, we now know that this document is officially an Audi document. The document is posted on Audi’s German site (click the link to check it out). So there you have it folks, the Audi TT-S will indeed have 269 horsepower.

A source has sent our friends over at WorldCarFans an ‘alleged’ internal Audi document that lists all new products that are to be launched in Germany for 2008.

Of course, models that jump out of the document at us are first the Audi TT-S which is supposedly rated in at 269 horsepower, the Audi Q5 which will supposedly produce up to 207 horsepower and the Audi Q7 6.0 TDI which will produce a whopping 493 horsepower.

Of course, WorldCarFans says that the image could be photoshop because their source was anonymous.

Click through for an image of the document.

Audi 2008 Internal Product Launch Document (Germany):

Audi's 2008 internal product launch document leaked


Source: WorldCarFans

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