Land Rover and Range Rover to unify design language

As Ford tries to sell Land Rover, adding any new products to the lineup has been on hold. The only upcoming car we’ve been hearing about from Land Rover is the Land Rover Landie Crossover, a low-priced crossover that will fit below the Freelander.

While the future of Land Rover remains vague, engineers and designers are still working hard to build a solid future for the company. Recently a new major design review started by design director Gerry McGovern, concluded that all future Land Rover and Range Rover models should share the same design language.

According to the research, rather than separating the two brands by different styles, they should be pulled closer together, giving the customer a reason to relate the brand. The research showed that customers of Land Rover and Range Rover originally thought the brands were two different companies.

“˜We want Land Rover to have the equity of Range Rover, McGovern told AutoCar. “We don”t want them to be separate, but there”ll be a clear personality difference between Land Rover and Range Rover.”

The Land Rover Landie Crossover is expected to make its debut at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show.


Source: AutoCar

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