Toyota worker overworked to death, wife to get compensation

Ever heard that saying, ‘don’t work yourself to death’? Well neither have we, but apparently it’s a rather large and growing problem in Japan, it even has a name: ‘karoshi.’ The government first recognized this issue in 1987 and it has grown ever since, hitting 147 deaths in the past year. 

A middle-management Toyota Worker in charge of quality control at the Toyota City plan, Kenichi Uchino collapsed and died at work in February of 2002 at the age of only 30 after putting in large amounts of overtime in the monthes preceeding his untimely death. Kenichi’s wife, Hiroko Uchino, had filed suit after being rejected for compensation by the Labor Ministry office. The Nagoya District Court, today, ordered the office to reverse that decision and pay compensation to Hiroko.

Though this seems like a strange and foreign issue to us, it’s a tragic situation that everyone should understand and be mindful of in order to avoid such a fate. 


Source: The Detroit News

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