New Knight Rider series to feature Mustang GT500KR as KITT

New Knight Rider series to feature Mustang GT500KR as KITT

The rumors are flowing and spy pictures have been discovered of the next KITT (that’s Knight Industries Two-Thousand) and it’s not a Pontiac or even another GM this time, but a Shelby Mustang GT500KR and a stunning black one with gray stripes at that.

While those out there are lamenting uninclusion of a GM car as KITT, they should remember GM has a history of telling this show to sod off. After the first season of the original, GM asked the producers to NEVER mention the words ‘Pontiac’ ‘Firebird’ or ‘Trans Am’ in the show ever again. That’s why in subsequent seasons it is only referred to as a ‘black t-top’.


Also in Knight Rider 2000, the creators wanted the Pontiac Banshee for the new-age Knight Industries Four-Thousand, but GM, once again, asked them to take a long walk off a short pier. They ended up using a Banshee-esque one-off car built off of a Dodge Stealth chassis. And a 1969 Mustang was the car of the hour in Knight Rider 2010 (yes, there was one, we swear) and five Ford vehicles were front and center in the destined-to-fail Power Rangers-style Team Knight Rider

No word yet on whether it morphs into a Ford GT for super pursuit mode though. 

Head over to Jalopnik for more images!


Source: Jalopnik

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