BMW to bring back ‘Isetta’ to compete with Smart and Fiat

BMW to bring back Isetta to compete with Smart and Fiat 500

From the company that resurrected the MINI Cooper into an amazing piece of microcar machinery it is today, comes word of another classic microcar¬†coming back to life. That’s right BMW is reported to be working on a 21st-century Isetta microcar.

For those of you that don’t know the BMW Isetta, it was one of the most successful microcars produced post WWII years. Sold in a number of countries including Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, Brazil, Germany and Britain, the BMW Isetta became¬†known as the ‘bubble car’ because of its egg shape and bubble-like windows. Power came from a 9.5 horsepower motorcycle engine with a 0-30 time of 30 seconds.

According to AutoExpress, BMW is planning to take on the Smart ForTwo and the Fiat 500 with a stylish micro car based on the Isetta. The rear-mounted engine is reported to stay in place and due to its size and weight, the new BMW Isetta will be the lowest CO2 producing car in BMW’s lineup.

Of course, we doubt the door on the old Isetta, which opened from the front of the car (literally), will be carried over to the new model.

AutoExpress says that we should see developments sometime in 2010.


Source: AutoExpress

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