Mazda’s small CX-5 crossover may get rear-wheel-drive

Mazda's small CX-5 crossover to get rear-wheel-drive

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from officials at Mazda about the upcoming small CX-5 crossover. What we know so far is that the compact crossover will be a Mazda3 derived vehicle and will replace the Mazda Tribute.

New information from the guys over at Pistonheads suggests that Mazda may be thinking rear-wheel-drive for the CX-5.

“I do see SUVs getting smaller and being more car-like in their behavior. Maybe we can look at rear-wheel-drive platform sharing and we have a rear-wheel-drive platform with the MX-5,”said Mazda’s European boss, James Muir, who spoke with Pistonheads.

Power for the CX-5 is expected to come from 4-cylinder engine variants, one with turbo. The small crossover is expected to take design hints from the Ford Kuga and the Mazda Hazake concept.


Source: Pistonheads (via WorldCarFans)

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