Evo Jr.: Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart may pack 260-hp & EVO IX AWD

The recent examples of the Lancer Ralliart didn’t inspire images of hard-edged performance that Subaru’s WRX has since its debut in 2001, but all that might change soon. Reportedly, European journalists were told by Mitsubishi that a five-door Lancer packing a 260-hp motor and EVO IX AWD system is in the works. 

While we probably won’t get the five-door, the rest of the set-up is more than likely what we’ll get in the form of a Lancer Ralliart. Unless Subaru ratchets things up a notch and stuffs the 250-hp version of the 2.5 turbo flat-four in the WRX, this would give the Ralliart a 36-hp advantage, in addition to the IX’s sophisticated AWD system. 

If they can keep the price and weight reasonable, the word ‘Ralliart’ could start sending shivers down the spines of WRX fans… and Subaru execs. 


Source: Channel4 – 4Car

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