VW’s new architectures to help it edge closer to Toyota

VW's new architectures to help it edge closer to Toyota

Volkswagen is working on a strategy that aims to decrease the productivity and profit gap with rival Toyota. CEO Martin Winterkorn is focused on sales goals and financial targets as he plans to catch up to Toyota, who has been a head of Volkswagen for the past seven years.

Insiders say that Winterkorn has been after Toyota ever since he took over Volkswagen and has made it his goal to increase productivity and profits.

Volkswagen is now working on four new architectures that will be used across the Volkswagen Group brands. The largest of these architectures is the new transverse-engine architecture, otherwise known as MQB, which will be used on small to mid-sized models. The platform is expected to underpin six million cars.

Company sources say that the see the MQB taking part in the replacement of at least 20 small and mid-sized models including models like the Volkswagen Fox, Polo, Jetta, Beetle Touran and Passat. Audi is also expected to use the platform on the Audi A3 and TT.

Another volume architecture called MHB will be used on the production versions of the Volkswagen Up! concepts we’ve seen at recent auto shows. A third architecture will underpin sports cars such as the Audi R8 and Lamborghini models. The fourth architecture, MLB, is already on the new Audi A4 and A5.

Volkswagen hopes that with the use of these four major architectures, the company will be able to cut cost and boost sales to 10 million by 2018, edging closer to Toyota.


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