Smart sees hybrid in U.S. within 2 years, all-electric Smart to follow

Smart will be entering the United States non-existent microcar segment in about 2 months with their Smart ForTwo, and already the company sees hybrid variants on our roads within the next two years.

According to David Schembri, president of Smart USA, “A micro-hybrid is a derivative that you could see here in the next two years.” He also said that a full rechargeable all-electric variant is only a few years away.

Schembri also said that Smart is looking forward to rivals for microcars in the U.S. since that would show that the segment has a large market and potential to grow.

“If there are no competitors, it’s probably not a viable sector,” Schembri said. “We get excited when we hear other companies talking about developing products that will compete with us.”

Smart has already raked in over 30,000 internet reservations for the Smart ForTwo before its January launch. The car is said to have a combined fuel-economy of 36mpg.

Pricing for the base Smart ForTwo will start at $11,590, while the well-equipped “Passion Coupe” will start at $13,590. The convertible “Passion Cabriolet” will carry a price tag of $16,590. All Smart ForTwo models are powered by a 1 liter, 3-cylinder engine that produces 71-horsepower.


Smart ForTwo USA Gallery:

Smart ForTwo USA  Smart ForTwo USA Smart ForTwo USA Smart ForTwo USA Smart ForTwo USA  2008_smart_fortwo_official_usa_image013.jpg Smart ForTwo USA Smart ForTwo USA Smart ForTwo USA Smart ForTwo USA  Smart ForTwo USA


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