Pontiac G8 to spawn wagon & sport truck variants

The word on the street is that the much anticipated G8 sedan will get 2 additional variants, a wagon, and more interestingly, an ‘El Camino’ like sport truck.  Similar to how the G8 is essentially Pontiac’s version of Australian GM subsidiary Holden’s Commodore sedan, the wagon and sport truck will be essentially versions of their Holden brethren. 

While there was talk that the sport truck might be a better fit for dealership-mate, GMC, the sport truck will be a Pontiac, so the 3 vehicles can be marketed together.  The sport truck should have the same drivetrain as the Camaro, which is also based on the GM RWD global architecture. 

Since the G8 will be built in Oz, if the dollar drops further, the wagon & sport truck versions could see a price hike or get cancelled for the U.S. market altogether. 

The sport truck sure seems like a bizarre choice for the U.S. market, despite its strong popularity in the land down under, but in the U.S.’s pickup truck hungry market, if you gotta have one, might as well have one with Camaro performance and G8 looks, no?


Source: AutoWeek

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