Lutz: Chevy Volt won’t look like the concept

According to another tip by our very reliable source who had a sit down with Bob Lutz on the eve of the 2007 LA Auto Show, the Chevrolet Volt will not look like the concept.

While it will take hints from the concept, the Volt won’t look much like the car we’ve been seeing at auto shows. Lutz says that wind tunnel testing has proven that the Volt can get better gas mileage if shaped differently.

At the GM press conference last week at the LA Auto Show, Bob Lutz told the media that the Volt will hit the roads in November 2010.

GM is expected to produce 60,000 units of the Chevrolet Volt for the car”s first year run. That is four times the sales of the Toyota Prius when it made its U.S. debut. Pricing for the Volt is expected to be less than $30,000.

Chevrolet Volt Gallery:



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