Chevrolet to become global ‘green’ brand for GM (with video)

At the 2007 LA Auto during the GM press conference, GM told the media that the company expects its Chevrolet brand to become a global powerhouse while being the leader in fuel-alternative vehiceldes. We’re sure you’ve seen the new tag line for Chevrolet in a series of Chevrolet ads on display right now.

Mark LaNeve, General Motors’ vice president of North American sales, service and marketing, said that each ad highlights one of the five powertrain technologies by Chevrolet that it offer or will offer in the near future.

Ad Highlights:

1. Four-cylinder gasoline engines that get 30 mpg or more.
2. Ethanol-blend E85 engines.
3. Hybrids.
4. The series hybrid technology seen in the Chevrolet Volt concept vehicle, which GM has said it will build.
5. Fuel cells.

Check out our video from the 2007 LA Auto Show and hear it from the main man at Chevrolet himself.



Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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