Ford CEO: Ford to stay single

Ford CEO: Ford to Stay Single

Looks like Ford won’t be entering into any relationships anytime soon. Ford CEO Alan Mulally says that Ford won’t need a partner and says that “Any kind of linkup would be a distraction.” Mulally expects Ford to stay on its own for at least another five years. 

Renault/Nissan head honcho, Carlos Ghosn has previously said that he still has interest in a partnership with a U.S. automaker, though nothing is currently on the table.  Last year, talks with GM ended without fruition and Chrysler is now in private equity hands.

So does Ford have what it needs to go it alone or has the Ford CEO just been listening to the Natasha Bedingfield song, ‘Single’ a little too much on his Sync system? Oh wait, he drives a Lexus.

Maybe a short-term fling might do the trick as joint-ventures seem to be all the rage nowadays.  The recent GM/Ford 6-speed automatic transmission deal and three-way (now four-way) link up between GM, BMW, Chrysler & Daimler on dual-mode hybrid systems point the way.


Source: MSN

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