J.D. Power and Associates: Lexus leads in customer satisfaction

In a new car buyer survey by the J.D. Power and Associates research firm, Lexus led all brands in consumer satisfaction with their car-buying experience. Customer satisfaction with dealers was at its highest since 21 years. The average industry score was 852 out of the possible 1,000 points auto makers could rake up.

Toyota’s premium division Lexus shot up 10 points from 2006, going from 5th place last year straight to the top with a total of 897.

The survey by J.D. Power and Associates measures consumer satisfaction with the dealership facility, sales rep, paperwork and finance process, delivery process and the price.

The results of the survey are based on responses from more than 38,600 customers nationwide who registered a new car in May. J.D. power sent out about 200,000 surveys.

GM finished with 895 points coming in at second place while Ford took third with 893.


Source: The Detroit News

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