U.S. Lemons becoming Canadian Lemonade

U.S. Lemons becoming Canadian Lemonade

So what happens to lemons (cars that have a major problem in the face of multiple dealer attempts to correct it)? Most of us just assumed the manufactures juice them and grind the peels into scrap metal. That’s not always the case. 

Cars being bought back in the U.S. as lemons have surfaced on dealer lots in Canada.  In fact, only 19 states even require a title enhancement for lemon law cars and there’s no law against the manufactures reselling the car.  This problem will only continue to get worse as the Canadian dollar continues it’s climb up relative to the U.S. dollar since reaching parity earlier this year.

And to think you thought a lemon was just something to cut into wedges and slide into a Corona bottle.  No, wait actually that’s a lime. 


Source: CBC News

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