Porsche: China to become its largest market by 2012

When you think of Porsche, images of cruising up Rodeo Drive or hustling down the Autobahn at mach speed probably pop into your head. Better start picturing a Porsche speeding around Tainaman Square or cruising for coconuts at Nariman Point (that’s in Mumbai, India). 

Porsche expects China, Russia & India to be huge markets of growth.  While sales in China this year are on pace to hit 4,000 versus 19,000 in Duetchland and 35,000 in the U.S, by 2012, China will be leading the field.  Porsche also will sell around 2,000 cars a year in Russia this year and expects India should catch up to China in sales in about a decade. 

Don’t feel slighted if the next gen ‘gotta-have-it’ Porsche gets debuts in Beijing instead of LA or Frankfurt. Tomorrow Porsche will show the Porsche Cayenne Hybrid and the Porsche 911 GT-2 at the LA Auto Show.


Source: Inside Line

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