Lexus struggling with the development of the LF-A

Rumors had all the Lexus fans excited, that the automaker was going to show up to this year’s Tokyo Motor Show with a revised version of the LF-A supercar. But all we saw was a lame Lexus LF-X hybrid SUV. Last we heard of the LF-A was right before SEMA, where the car was caught testing in UK.

The latest update was that Lexus is planning to fit the production LF-A with a 5.0 liter unit that produces up to 500 horsepower with a top speed of 200mph. A V8 hybrid variant is also in the work that will use a engine similar to the LS600h.

Now according to a new report by WindingRoad, sources say that Toyota has taken some ‘key engineers’ off the LF-A project and put them to work on other tasks as Toyota focuses on its global initiatives.

Sources are also saying that the when Lexus puts the LF-A to production it will only build 26 units a month. No production date is set yet, but rumor has it that Lexus is looking to introduce the supercar to the market in 2009, the same year the NSX is expected to hit the roads.


Source: WindingRoad
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