All VW cars will get touchscreen systems in 2008

All VW cars will get touchscreen systems in 2008

Volkswagen will begin offering touchscreen controls all models introduces after 2008. The touchscreen system will control heating and air-conditioning, entertainment, navigation and trip computer functions.

“Touch-screen is the most intuitive and easy to use man-machine interface,” VW group design chief Walter de” Silva told Automotive News Europe. “Simplicity is what we are trying to install, not only in design, but also in functionality of all new VW models to come.”

Volkswagen believes the introduction of touchscreen controls will reduce the number of knobs and button in the car and will cut down ‘manufacturing complexity.’ Volkswagen also believes that the system will make life easier for drivers.

We on the other hand believe the tech-savvy will find life easier. But those who would rather just push a few buttons and turn a few knobs will find the menu screen a little to confusing to select the temperature or things of that nature.

VW already has touch-screen controls for radio and navigation systems in its Touareg, Tiguan and Touran models.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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