2007 VW Polo Bluemotion sells out in the UK

We are huge fans of the Volkswagen Polo Bluemotion here at eGMCarTech. We’re hoping that with the sudden increase of the popularity for diesels will encourage Volkswagen to bring the 72.4 mpg (that’s 60 mpg in the U.S.) Polo Bluemotion to our side of the world.

Either way, according to Rod McLeod, Volkswagen’s UK marketing guy, the Volkswagen Polo Bluemotion has sold out for 2007. 300 units of the new¬†Volkswagen Polo Bluemotion just went on sale in October.

The Volkswagen Polo Bluemotion is powered by a three cylinder 1.4 direct injection turbodiesel engine. If brought to the US, the Volkswagen Polo will definitely give Honda and Toyota compact and hybrid cars some strong competition.


Source: GermanCarBlog

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