Lambo Murcielago SV to get 40 more horses than the Reventon

Was the $1.4 million Lamborghini Reventon not shooting enough ponies out the V12 for ya?  Rest assured, Lambo powertrain engineers are hard at work on the new Murcielago Superveloce (known as SV for short), a lighter version of the Lamborghini Murcielago.

Insiders are saying that Lamborghini engineers could fit the Murcielago SV with the 640 horsepower engine from the Reventon but will tune it to boost an additional 40 horses for a total of 680.

But this game isn’t just about what you can put into the motor, but what you can take out of the car.  So expect to lose anywhere from 220lbs to nearly 300lbs off of what the LP640 currently weighs.  No leather panel or sound system component was too sacred.  Saving another 5lbs and reducing shift time in half from 0.4s to 0.2s is the latest and greatest E-gear transmission. Look out for this baby sometime in 2008.

Looks like it’s time to replace that poster on your wall. 


Source: AutoCar

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