How Lexus keeps that shine and reliability

How Lexus keeps that shine and reliability

Have you ever wondered why Lexus cars keep their shine longer than most cars? Most of you might say it’s the paintjob; but it’s a lot more than just that. The answer lies behind the collaboration of traditional man craftsmanship and robot technology.

Toyota is already crazy about the quality of their cars. But when it comes to Lexus, Toyota is even crazier about the precision, work and time it goes into building a premium luxury car. Once a Lexus car is finished being built, individuals perform 1,400 quality checks. That’s 200 more than the quality checks that a regular Toyota goes through.

It usually takes 19 hours to build a Lexus car, however, 11 of those hours are spent on the exterior shine alone. The car is dipped, base-coated, sprayed, hand-polished and sprayed a couple more times to achieve the shine required to head over to Lexus dealership.

After the paint shop is completed, a Lexus car is placed under special lights where skilled personnel look for flaws in the paintjob and the shine. If they reject the car, the car is sent back to the paint shop.

Currently about 30 percent of the cars rejected to go back for quality checks include IS and RX models,

According to a factory spokes man, “That number is too high and we are working at getting it down closer to 10 per cent. But it is important that we maintain the highest quality.”


Source: carpages (via Automotive)

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