Photo Rendering: Sixth-Generation Volkswagen GTI

Photo Rendering: Sixth-Generation Volkswagen GTI

Based on the latest prototypes of the six-generation Golf spotted in Germany, we have obtained this photo rendering of the next-generations Volkswagen GTI. As you can see from the picture that the six-generation GTI will stay true to the current design with a few changes here and there.

We have not heard much about the performance on the six-generation GTI, but it has been speculated that the 200 horsepower GTI and 250 horsepower R32 will be carried over, although the R36 could get 300 horsepower by the end of the decade. That may lead to the six-generation Volkswagen GTI getting a power upgrade to 250 horsepower.

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According to this latest rendering, the most significant change to the six-generation GTI will be the front fascia. It seems Volkswagen is adopting the single bar grille shown in the Up! concept and makes up for the airflow through massive intakes.

For the six-generation Golf, Volkswagen will be sticking close to the current design. Dr. Martin Winterkorn has ordered his engineers and designers to stay true to old values with minimal redesign, sticking close to the current Golf.


Photo Rendering: Sixth-Generation Volkswagen GTI:

Photo Rendering: Sixth-Generation Volkswagen GTI


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